neGcon Compatibility List

Last updated: Feb 11, 2024

This list is drawn from my own personal testing, test reports from others, and information gleaned from other gaming web sites, message boards, game manuals, etc. It's by no means exhaustive, though hopefully it's as accurate as possible. I'm fairly sure there are still a LOT of games to be added.

I also have at my disposal an Interact V3 wheel for Playstation. Despite using the neGcon protocol, the wheel's compatibility seems spotty in a few places. Issues I've discovered are noted. Don't assume that a lack of compatibility warnings means it works - I haven't tested everything on the list with it. But for the most part, it works.

If you see anything wrong with this current list, or you know of titles that should be added, please feel free to e-mail me. My address is listed at the bottom of the page. Try to include enough information to classify games into one of the four categories used in the list.

Thanks to these kind folks for providing me with test results and updated info:
Tony Gale
Christian Montoya
Tomáš Bílek
Heath Apperley
Dr. Steve Averitt
Brandon Hughes
Lewis Bill
Ross Foubister
Erik Vokes
Sebastien Chonkal
Stefan Wiik
Daryl Ward

FFull Support
VDesigned for Namco Volume Controller (paddle), but compatible with neGcon
PPartial Support (Fully playable, but lacking twist or other features)
?Unconfirmed (E-mail me if you have info)
BBroken (Very minimal support, but essentially unplayable, or missing crucial inputs)

Note: Games are generally alphabetized in order of North American/US title, with alternative European or Japanese titles following (or listed first, if there was no North American release).

PS1 Games

FAir Combat/Ace Combat
FAce Combat 2
FAce Combat 3
FAndretti Racing
PAquanaut's HolidayNo twist support
PArcade Party PakTwist supported only in Super Sprint. All games fully playable.
VArkanoid ReturnsJapan only
FAtari Anniversary Edition Redux
FAuto Destruct
FAyrton Senna Kart Duel
BAyrton Senna Kart Duel 2
FAyrton Senna Kart Duel SpecialJapan only, based on Ayrton Senna Kart Duel 2.
BBatman: Gotham City RacerNot enough buttons to map all functions.
PBravo Air Race/Recipro Heat 5000Twist, I, and II buttons non-functional, but enough inputs are available to assign all control functions.
FBurning Road
FC1 CircuitJapan only
FC3 Racing: Car Constructors Championship/Max Power RacingEurope only
FCar and Driver Presents: Grand Tour Racing '98/Total Drivin
FCastrol Honda Superbike Racing
BChoro Q/Penny RacersBasic steering, acceleration, and braking functions work in-game, but no other in-game functions are available, and menus cannot be operated.
FColin McRae Rally
FColin McRae Rally 2.0
FCrash Team RacingNote: have had mixed reports of this being fully playable, and also lacking the ability to map some of the controls.
FDemolition Racer
FDestruction DerbyMust boot the game with the neGcon connected, and link cable mode is not available when using this controller.
FDestruction Derby 2
?Destruction Derby RawI've had mixed reports on this one. Region differences?
PDie Hard TrilogyCompatible with some modes.
PDie Hard Trilogy 2Compatible with some modes.
FExplosive Racing/X.Racing
FFirebugsEurope only. Menus don't reflect the neGcon buttons, but it works fine otherwise.
FFormula 1
FFormula 1 Championship Edition/Formula 1 97
FFormula Karts: Special EditionEurope only.
FGalaxian 3
FGran Turismo
FGran Turismo 2
FGrand Tour Racing '98
FHydro ThunderNo calibration options, but there are a few differnet button layouts to select.
FInitial DJapan only
BInternational Moto XBarely works, but no twist support, and lack of buttons means you may have to sacrifice some inputs.
FThe Italian Job
BJupiter StrikeLack of twist support causes issues, according to reports.
FJarrett & Labonte Stock Car Racing/TOCA World Touring Cars
PKlonoaNo twist support, but completely playable.
PLibero GrandeJapan and Europe only.
FMaxRacerJapan only
PMidnight Run: Road Fighter 2No twist support, but game is otherwise fully playable with digital steering.
FMille MigliaEurope only
FMobil 1 Rally ChampionshipNo neGcon configuration options, but the default settings feel fine
PMonaco Grand Prix/Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2Depending on selected control layout, certain view control functions will be missing. Playable otherwise.
FMoto Racer
FMoto Racer 2
PMotocross ManiaNo menu control, but seems to work okay in-game.
FMotor Toon Grand PrixJapan only (see below)
FMotor Toon Grand Prix 2US release is called "Motor Toon Grand Prix".
BMr. DrillerWorks a little, but necessary button functions are missing.
PMs. Pac-Man Maze Madness
PNamco Museum 1Twist support in Pole Position only, all games fully playable.
PNamco Museum 2
PNamco Museum 3Twist support in Pole Position II only, all games fully playable.
PNamco Tennis Smash CourtNo twist support.
FNamco Soccer Prime Goal/J-League Prime Goal EXAbout 99% compatible, and the twist control can be used to curve the ball.
FNaniwa Wangan BattleJapan only
FNASCAR 99 Legacy
PNASCAR HeatNo menu control. Analog inputs work, but steering is overly sensitive.
F/BNASCAR RacingUS release doesn't work - no menu control, not enough buttons. Japanese release has full neGcon support.
FNASCAR Thunder 2002
FNASCAR Thunder 2003
FNASCAR Thunder 2004
FNeed For Speed, The
FNeed For Speed 2
FNeed For Speed 3 - Hot Pursuit
FNeed For Speed: High Stakes
FNeed For Speed: V-Rally/V-Rally: 97 Championship Edition
FNewman Haas Racing
BNicktoons RacingNo menu control, no twist, I, or II support, and can't jump.
FNo Fear Downhill Mountain Biking
FÖhlins Hyper-RallyJapan only
?Option Tuning Car Battle 2Japan only
FOption Tuning Car Battle Spec RJapan only
FOver Drivin': Skyline MemorialJapan only
PPac-Man WorldTwisting can be assigned to controls such as swim up/down like any other button.
FPorsche Challenge
VPuchi Carat
FRace Drivin' Go GoJapan only
FRage Racer
?Rally Cross
PRally Cross 2Fully playable, but track editor might not be 100% usable with neGcon.
FRally de AfricaJapan only.
FRally de EuropeJapan only.
FRaven Project, TheEurope only. Menus are apparently a little clumsy with the neGcon, but the game plays fine.
FRay Tracers
BRazor Racing/Scooter RacingNot enough buttons to play game properly.
FReal Racing: Toyota, The (Simple 1500 Series Vol. 38)
FRed Asphalt/Rock 'n Roll Racing 2: Red Asphalt
FRC de Go!
PRe-VoltGame can be played, and twist, I, and II are supported, but not enough buttons are available for all control functions.
BReBootNo twist support, and no way to change weapons.
PRescue ShotNo twist support, but fully playable.
FRidge Racer
FRidge Racer Revolution
PRidge Racer Turbo Mode/Ridge Racer Hi-Spec DemoIncluded with RR4. Has a menu to choose RR Turbo, Original RR, or some demos. This menu is not neGcon compatible. The actual RR games are; swap controllers after selecting the game. Not compatible with Interact V3.
FRidge Racer Type 4Not compatible with Interact V3.
PRoad RashNo twist support, but playable with the D-pad.
BRobo PitL button doesn't respond, i.e. no way to strafe left.
FRollcage Stage II
FRunabout 2
FRush Hour/Speedster/BattleRound USA
BS.C.A.R.S.Demo version is compatible, but release version is not.
PSan Francisco RushSave menu not fully compatible, otherwise fine
PShutokou Battle Gaiden: Super Technic ChallengeNo twist support, but otherwise fully playable.
FShutokou Battle R
FSide-by-Side SpecialJapan only. Didn't seem to work correctly when run on a PS2. Works extremely well on a PS1.
FSoul Blade/Soul EdgeTwist can be customized like any other button, but possibly only in the PAL version. NTSC versions are confirmed playable, but might not have twist support.
FSpeed King/Road Rage
PSpeed MachinesFully supported, but game crashes upon entering controller settings menu.
FSports Car GT
FSports Superbike
PSports Superbike 2Fully supported, but game crashes upon entering controller settings menu.
PStarblade AlphaNo twist support
FSupercross 2000According to those that have tried it, controls extremely poorly with the neGcon.
FSuzuki Alstare Challenge
FSyndicate WarsTwisting controls the camera angle.
FTeam Losi RC Racer/Buggy
PTekkenNo twist support
PTekken 2No twist support.
PTekken 3No twist support.
FTempest X3Only compatible with the NTSC version. No reliable way to reassign buttons, but the defaults work okay.
FTest Drive 4
FTest Drive 5
FTest Drive 6
FTest Drive Le Mans
BTest Drive Off-Road 2/Test Drive 4x4Can move the cursor around the main menu, but can't make any selections. Will work in-game, but camera shakes violently.
PTime CrisisNo twist support, but playable as with any other digital controller.
FTNN Motor Sports Hardcore 4x4
FTOCA 2: Touring Car Challenge
FTOCA Championship Racing/TOCA Touring Car Championship
FTommi Makinen RallyEurope only.
BTokyo Highway BattleRecognized, but twist and L button not supported. Not enough buttons for all functions.
FTouge Max/Peak Performance
FTouge Max 2
BTreasures of the Deep
FTurbo Prop Racing/Rapid Racer
BTwisted MetalRecognized in menus, but game cannot be properly configured for the neGcon.
FV-Rally 2Track editor might not be fully operable with neGcon. Not compatible with Interact V3.
BVigilante 8: 2nd OffenseMenus are not fully operable
FVR Sports Powerboat Racing
FWangan Trial
PWho Wants To Be a Millionaire?No twist support, but game is fully playable, albeit with a slightly altered button layout.
FWipeout 2097European version of Wipeout XL
FWipeout 3
FWipeout 3 Special EditionEuropean-exclusive expanded version of Wipeout 3
FWipeout XL
FWorld Stadium 2Japan only?
FWorld Stadium EX
BWorms Pinball
FXevious 3D/G+

PS2 Games

FBattle Gear 2Japan only. No apparent way to remap keys or calibrate, but the defaults seem fine.
FDownforcePAL version confirmed compatible, NTSC version has not been tested.
FLe Mans 24 Hours
PNamcollection 50th AnniversaryJapan only. Not supported in game select menu, but Ridge Racer itself is fully compatible just like the PS1 version.
FRidge Racer V
FStarsky & Hutch
BStreet Racing SyndicateWorks a little bit, but the game is very badly confused by the controller.
FTokyo Road RaceEuropean version of Battle Gear 2.
FWipeout Fusion
FWRC: World Rally ChampionshipThe game sees it as a "Speedster 2" wheel, and is fully compatible with the neGcon.

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